How Selling Your Paducah and Surrounding Areas House Directly Will Save You Thousands in Repair Costs

How Selling Your Paducah and Surrounding Areas House Directly Will Save You Thousands in Repair Costs

Have you ever thought about selling your house directly? Sometimes, sellers who are worried about the costs of fixing up their home for a regular sale can feel overwhelmed by the effort, time, and money it takes. Selling your house by yourself or with a licensed real estate agent involves a similar process. If you decide to make the repairs yourself, you might save thousands in commissions, but you’ll also spend more time taking care of everything, like putting up a sign in your yard, listing it online, and managing things until the sale is finalized on closing day.

The way your house looks from the outside, also known as curb appeal, is very important when you’re trying to sell it. This is particularly important when your house is posted online because potential buyers are always looking at many homes in a short time. Since most buyers prefer houses that they can move into right away, you need to make your property stand out. This way they’ll be interested in visiting it in person.

But did you know that there is an easier way to sell your home for a fair price? Wouldn’t you prefer to avoid all the hassles and costs of fixing things up, as well as the extra stress of always having to clean and adjust your family’s schedule for showings and open houses? Let me tell you about a thing called a professional buyer. A professional buyer handles everything for you in one meeting, walking you step by step through the process.

Read on to learn more about how selling your Paducah and Surrounding Areas house directly to a professional buyer will save you thousands in repair costs.

Fluctuations in Supply Costs

Lumber is expensive right now, more than 112 percent higher than last year, other home improvement products such as drywall and even roofing and siding. Demand for lumber and other supplies has increased because more buyers seek the advantages of having a home of their own and also because during the recent economic crisis many people started doing more projects around their homes. So many homeowners have chosen to invest in their homes, making repairs they have been putting off and upgrades for home offices, schooling, and more family-based activities.  This increase in demand has caused building materials to skyrocket in prince and supply chains to lag in production thus adding to the costs that you the consumer ends up absorbing. When you contact a professional for an estimate on repairs because of the fluctuations in supply costs, you shouldn’t be surprised when you see a time limit on the cost estimate or even an allowance for changes in actual costs. The delay in getting materials will reduce your profits because you’ll have to keep paying for things like the mortgage and other monthly expenses while the project takes longer to finish. When you sell directly, you can stop stressing because you don’t need to worry about upgrades or repairs, and professional buyers will buy your home as-is, meaning the cost of materials is no longer your problem. It is easy to see why selling your Paducah and Surrounding Areas house directly to a professional buyer like those at Clayton Buys Houses will save you time and money which can quickly add up to tens of thousands of dollars and time you may not have available.


Repair costs can spiral out of control, and this is why experts recommend adding at least 10 percent to the estimated repair budget. All too often, we run into unforeseen hidden problems, and only discover them when the project is midway through completion. These discoveries are all too often very serious and usually multiply into more projects than we bargained for, such as with the foundation of a building or even a roof. No matter what your financial situation is, failing to plan for all potential problems could bring everything to a screeching halt.  Even when you’ve gone to all the trouble of hiring a professional to inspect your home and you did your homework by contacting at least three pros for repair estimates. Surprises are an inevitable part of the repair process, and you’ll find this especially true in older homes. Suppose you decide to place a home that is in a state of disrepair on the market. In this case, be prepared for potential buyers to make very low offers. They may seek a much larger discount because they’ll have to handle the problems and could come up with the money for higher repair costs, leading them to negotiate for a lower price. It’s possible and in some cases, even if you’re unaware of a serious flaw with the home, sellers could end up facing legal issues and even more expenses. When you sell your Paducah and Surrounding Areas house directly to direct buyers like Clayton Buys Houses, they take on all of the risks of any potential problems. Selling to a professional buyer might actually save you from unexpected repair costs that could make your repair bills go up by tens of thousands of dollars.

At Clayton Buys Houses, we can handle all of this headache and offer so much more! If you face expensive repairs, now is the perfect time for selling your house directly to Clayton Buys Houses. When you work with Clayton Buys Houses, there are no commissions or hidden fees that will be coming off of your cash payment at closing and they take care of the paperwork and will walk with you through every step. Talk to the professional buyers at Clayton Buys Houses about all of the ways that selling your house directly to then and you will save money. Get a free, no-obligation offer from Clayton Buys Houses and see how easy we make the process! Send us a message or call Clayton Buys Houses at (270) 551-2171.

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